Rockwell Collins HF-80


A website dedicated exclusively to the promotion and preservation of the Rockwell Collins HF-80 family of communications equipment. This website is being developed by HF-80 collector, Jim Stitzinger, Jr., WA3CEX, who has brought together multiple copies of the entire HF-80 series of equipment and is interested in helping others learn more about HF-80 equipment and engage in collecting and restoring of this excellent equipment.

HF-80 was designed to be “HF Communication for the 1980’s,” and first went into production in 1977 and continued through 1992. Each unit in the family was designed to be compatible with the others so that many different configurations were possible in the 2-30 Mhz range. The 1 KW HF-80 series makes an amazing amateur radio station.

The Near Future
As the website is developed, many important pages will be added including:

  • Original 851S-1 Promotional brochures
  • Original HF-80 Technical data sheets
  • A Picture album of the HF-80 Family of equipment
  • A comprehensive Equipment list
  • A comprehensive Manual list
  • A comprehensive Circuit Board list per unit
  • Rockwell Collins List of HF-80 Shelters
  • Technical Support Notes on HF-80

Wanted: HF-80 Equipments
Wanted, HF-80 Equipment, manuals, circuit boards, and other support parts. In order to promote hobby HF-80 restoration, I am looking to purchase anything related to HF-80 Family radios for my own use or with fellow collectors. Please contact me at if your have anything HF-80 for sale. This includes: 851S-1, 851S-2, HF8050A, HF-8054A, HF-8010A, HF8014A, HF-8020, HF-8030, HF-8021, HF-8022, HF-8023, HF-8031, HF-8032, HF-8060, HF-8061, HF-8064B, HF-8070A, HF-8090, HF-8091, HF-8092, HF-8093, HF-8094, HF-8095, HF-8096, TS 8021, AC 8021, HF-80 test beds, and Shelters using HF-80 including: AN/TSC60(V)5, AN/TSC60(V)7, AN/TSC60(V)8, or AN/TSC60(V)9, AN/TSC 118, and OG-190( )/TSC.

Thank you!