HF-80 Catalog

HF80 Catalogs

The 1982 blue Collins HF-80 Series Catalog, tells the most complete story of the HF-80 product line. In 25 pages the complete HF-80 Family of HF radio equipment is introduced and described. The text describes the flexibility of and the cost-effectiveness of setting up a communications station with this equipment. Among the chief features of HF-80 were:

  • Value engineered from inception
  • Maximized part commonality
  • Standard packaging techniques
  • Modular construction
  • Plug-in performance options
  • High reliability
  • Application flexibility

As one studies this Catalog, one learns about the different elements and accessories of the HF-80 Series and how units can be fitted together and used interchangeably to accomplish the right operating goals at the right power levels. In a different menu item more technical information on these items is presented and additional items, including more specialized military units will be included.
During the life of the HF-80 Product line, different editions of this Catalog were published including:

  • Yellow Catalog: April 30, 1976; September 30, 1976
  • Green Catalog: September 30, 1977
  • Blue Catalog: January 17, 1979, November 9, 1979, June 1, 1980, February 2, 1982, January 15, 1985
  • Pink Catalog: January 15, 1985

The 1982 blue Collins HF-80 Series Catalog is presented here as it the most COMPLETE account of the HF-80 family. Earlier and later Catalogs tell less of the story. A collector like myself should use this Catalog as the basis for bringing together an HF-80 collection to fit his needs. I have collected everything in the catalog! Fun!!

-Jim Stitzinger

HF-80 Blue Catalog