HF-80 History

Here are two excellent historical articles on HF-80 that were recently published in the CCA Signal Magazine (Q4, 2013), as part the 80th year celebration of Rockwell Collins. I have served on the board of this fine organization and appreciate being able to include these here.
-Jim Stitzinger

Click on the Excerpt Version of this Q4 Signal Magazine below to read either article. More information about the CCA can be found at the link at the bottom of the page. This excerpt reprinted with the permission of the CCA.
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by Rod Blocksome, retired Senior Engineer at Rockwell Collins who designed 4 HF-80 units including the HF-8021, HF-8022, HF-8023, and the HF-8151A. Pages 30-34.

HF-80 . . . . . CONCEPT to MARKET
by Dave Berner, retired HF-80 Product Line Manager at Rockwell Collins. He was the brain child behind HF -80 which he first called ISB. Pages 36-41,48.


For other articles on HF-80 check out other issues of the signal on the Collins Collectors Association Website. The Website and the Signal Magazine are a treasure trove of information about Collins and a fun organization to join!