Wanted: HF-80 Equipment

Wanted, HF-80 Equipment, manuals, circuit boards, and other support parts. In order to promote hobby HF-80 restoration, I am looking to purchase anything related to HF-80 Family radios for my own use or with fellow collectors. Please contact me at jim@hf-80.com if your have anything HF-80 for sale. This includes: 851S-1, 851S-2, HF8050A, HF-8054A, HF-8010A, HF8014A, HF-8020, HF-8030, HF-8021, HF-8022, HF-8023, HF-8031, HF-8032, HF-8060, HF-8061, HF-8064B, HF-8070A, HF-8090, HF-8091, HF-8092, HF-8093, HF-8094, HF-8095, HF-8096, TS 8021, AC 8021, HF-80 test beds, and Shelters using HF-80 including: AN/TSC60(V)5, 7, 8, or 9, AN/TSC 118, and OG-190( )/TSC.

Thank you!